Sunday, March 5, 2017

I've been working on this mod for 2 years and I've finally finished it

Hello, I've been working on this half-life 2 mod for 2 years, Transmissions: Element 120. It was a lot of hard work, coding, mapping, designing, modeling on nights and weekends but I'm finally done and its now available for free.

Here's a little trailer to show you what I've been working on:

I hope you all like it, I put a lot of myself into this so be nice and enjoy. :) and of course valve deserves a ton of credit for letting me use their content to begin with.

If you like the game, please visit the steam greenlight page and help me get the game approved so it can be easier to install:

If you all have questions about the game, AMA, I'll be checking in tonight & tomorrow.
(Edit: Thanks so much for the 2 months of reddit gold. In just this one morning my votes have nearly doubled! If the game gets greenlit it will mean so much and be much easier to install & manage. Thanks reddit!)

(Edit: I'm afraid my website was hugged to death. I'll be looking into a fix, in the meantime you can checkout the greenlight page which seems to be capable of the traffic.)

(Edit: I also wanted to give a special thanks to u/someguyinahat and u/mookler and the rest of the moderators here on r/gaming. They really opened up my eyes on the amount of hard work they put in to keeping this place clean and full of content the community can appreciate.)

(Edit: I wanted to give one more update since it has been a day. The vote count on the greenlight page has nearly tripled since making the frontpage of reddit & r/gaming. Thank you all so much. I am so grateful to reddit. The feedback has been incredible, you really can't ask for anything better after working on something for so long. Thank you all so much!)

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  1. Hey, do you want a job in the industry? I work at Gearbox Software, we are currently looking for talent. This is 10x times better than most submissions I've seen. Great work. You should apply. I'd be excited to interview you. Good luck!


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